If you hear the word “wheat” and immediately picture a basket filled with fresh bread and rolls, your vision could be spot on.

Really, really spot on if you imagined the basket itself was the color of a sunbaked field of wheat just before it is ready to harvest.

All of Dresden & Company’s Everyday line of baskets are available in August only in this stain. Michael Kennedy, D&Co.’s creative director, said our stain is inspired by the yellow grains of wheat as they begin to turn to a neutral shade in the sun’s oven.

Wheat is on trend as people look to warmer colors for their homes. It looks great in any décor, including primitive, contemporary, urban, traditional, modern farmhouse, southwest and coastal. Because it’s a neutral color, it coordinates with anything around it.

All of Dresden & Company’s Everyday line equals 37 different ways to lighten the look in your home with a Wheat-stained basket.

Are you thinking you need one to serve your fresh-baked breads and rolls? One where the golden crust looks gorgeous against the lighter stain?

The options seem endless: Small and Medium Bakery, Small and Large Trays, Loaf, Baking, Bowl, Hometown Helper, Twist & Turn Bowl, Tobacco. Take a Wheat Large Tray and make it your bagel board or cupcake central. Do the same with the Square Tobacco Basket.

While “Bread” and “Basket” seem to just naturally go together, especially if you live in America’s Breadbasket state, think bigger with these Wheat-stained baskets.
The new Cube Baskets we introduced this month will make a striking set in Wheat. Place the Medium Cube in your pantry and fill it with your bread mixes then it will really be your Wheat Basket.

Use a Wheat-stained Square Tissue Basket to cover that ubiquitous tissue box so that you can continue to think sunny days.

Choose the Company Picnic in Wheat for your road trips and watch parties. Or the Laundry to carry your clothes out to hang in the sun to dry.

One of the most popular new baskets is the Fridge Basket and it looks cute in Wheat. Hang it from its magnetic holder on its namesake refrigerator or on a hook by the backdoor.

Imagine your house filled with these light, warm baskets. But don’t wait too long to harvest your selections. Wheat is here only in August.