Isn’t the start of a new year refreshing and magical? It’s like we’ve hit a reset button and are starting over.

We promise ourselves we’ll exercise more consistently or make this the year we get organized and conquer the clutter. We make resolutions or we don’t because we already know that we’ll break them.

We embrace the newness of the year with revived routines and plans. Being organized is almost always on the list so let’s take a good hard look at that one. Pretty sure that Dresden & Company has a handle on that for anyone who wants to find a place for everything.

Maybe you’ve decided that this will be the year you don’t go scrambling from room to room looking for scissors, tape and ribbon to wrap that gift for the party you’re about to be late for. Small Cube Basket or Caddy Basket for the win!

Say you want to turn your pantry into a well-organized stock room with all the mixes in one place and the bags of chocolate chips in another. The Grande Recipes & More Basket or the Medium Cube are just two of the options you can use to get that under control.

Is the vanity overflowing with shampoo bottles, lotions, makeup and more? The Medium Bakery, the Main Street Moments or Medium Cube can make a bit of sense out of the mess.

Maybe this is the year that you tackle the junk drawer. It’s always amazing how much is in there. The Crock Basket, the Twist and Turn Basket, and the Small Bakery can all help conquer that clutter and leave you with pens and pencils in one basket, kitchen tools in another, and odds and ends in another.

Don’t we all need a basket by the door to hold our mail, the dish we need to return, the library book that is overdue? The Village Errands is good for that or the Hometown Helper.

Pull out your Dresden & Company Home & Life Journal and decide which basket works best for your organizing moments. Then check out the January Flyer for an extra beauty with our Amore Basket.

In January, the company is also offering 13 of its baskets in two extra colors: Faded Gray and Weathered White.

That leads us to another resolution. If you are considering changing up the color in your home, check out these options

Happy New Year. Start small and get a handle on that organizing one basket at a time.