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We invite you to become a D&Co. Proprietor and build your own business sharing our unique items with family and friends.

We offer a varitey of Bundle options to get you started on your D&Co. journey today!

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Start your D&Co. journey today

Become the Proprietor of your own Dresden & Company business and immediately earn income, rewards, recognition and more!  All D&Co. Proprietors who join in 2019 will forever carry the honorary title of Founding Proprietor.

The benefits of Proprietorship:

  • Earn up to 25% commission
  • Commission payout twice monthly
  • Pay NO credit card fees
  • Low cost monthly business fee

It’s easy to get started. Choose from our Business Bundles – we’ll create your personal website immediately and ship your Bundle within 3 to 5 days. 

Career Plan

A complete guide from Proprietorship to Leadership with everything you need to know to begin your own Dresden & Company business.

Proprietor Guidelines

An outline of Company policies intended to help you succeed at D&Co., plus information about other requirements regarding your business.