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We invite you to become a D&Co. Proprietor and build your own business sharing our unique items with family and friends.

We offer two Bundle options with everything you need to get started on your D&Co. journey today!

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Start your D&Co. journey today

Become the Proprietor of your own Dresden & Company business and immediately earn income, rewards, recognition and more!  All D&Co. Proprietors who join in 2019 will forever carry the honorary title of Founding Proprietor.

The benefits of Proprietorship:

  • Earn up to 25% commission
  • Commission payout twice monthly
  • Pay NO credit card fees
  • Low cost monthly business fee

It’s easy to get started. Choose from our two Business Bundles, both complete with everything you need to be in business! We’ll create your personal website immediately and ship your Bundle within 3 to 5 days. 

Career Plan

A complete guide from Proprietorship to Leadership with everything you need to know to begin your own Dresden & Company business.

Proprietor Guidelines

An outline of Company policies intended to help you succeed at D&Co., plus information about other requirements regarding your business.