If we did a survey and asked people to complete the phrase ‘blank Basket,” we’re pretty sure “Easter” would be the No. 1 answer.

People would be imagining baskets filled with colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies, fake grass and jelly beans. Some would be recalling past Easter Egg hunts and others would be making a mental list of who needs a new basket.

In the Dresden & Company Workshop on Main Street in Dresden, the phrase “Easter Basket” brings smiles along with questions on how to deliver something innovative, beautiful and user-friendly all at once.

The artisans and designers start thinking about Easter while the rest of us are deciding what we’ll fix for Thanksgiving, if not before. What they come up with goes far beyond just the Easter Basket. We have a spring table full of possibilities this year, including a huge Woven Carrot. More on that later.

The 2023 Easter Basket from Dresden & Company is certainly innovative. You can see it on the outside because the base almost seems to be on a stand. The bottom band sits higher than usual.

The biggest innovation is on the inside. The graceful, looped handle is attached to the inside bottom band instead of the top. If you filled the basket all the way with crinkly fake grass, you’d see the handle almost rising out of the grass.

Our Dresden & Company Easter Baskets for 2023 are so colorful with Purple, Green, Blue and Pink options. Each one has Weathered White upsplints to complete the look.

Like all our baskets, the name is just a suggestion. Use it for Easter and then to pass the rolls at lunch, to hold a bouquet of flowers, for chips and crackers, or to hold hand towels in the bathroom. Make it work all year round.

While our designers were thinking about Easter Baskets, they were also thinking about the garden and Easter foods, carrots specifically. It’s an easy leap from Easter to the Easter Bunny to Carrots, right?

They came up with a decorative Woven Carrot. There’s no mistaking it with its orange weave and the green “stalks” at the top. Make it part of your Easter Table décor or add it to a flowery front door wreath. /span>

The Carrot is the first in a series of fruits and vegetables that will be featured in our “Fresh From the Garden” collection. It will be fun to see what the D&Co. “garden” grows!