Pulling together a treat-filled Halloween spread is almost as easy as 1-2-3 with a few tricks from Dresden & Company.

We’ve got Ghost Lanterns, Cauldron Baskets and an Artisan Cutting Board where you can put together a Skull-shaped Charcuterie Board. If you think you don’t stand a ghost of a chance of putting one of these together, Senior Photographer Sharon Wood shows you how to do it step by step. Click here to view the video.

Here’s what you need from the grocery store for your skull to go along with all the candy that you’ll be passing out at the door: Oreos, mini marshmallows, White Chocolate Kit Kat Bars, almonds, pretzels dipped in white chocolate, White Chocolate Peanut Butter Reese’s Cups, chocolate chips, pistachios, cashews and white chocolate morsels. If you need an outline to follow, draw one on a piece of parchment paper. But freehand could be cool.

Make the eyes with Oreos surrounded by mini marshmallows and then add the nose with marshmallows surrounding chocolate chips. Use the Kit Kat Bars and almonds for the mouth, jaw and teeth. The top of the head is made of pretzels and Reese’s Cups. Sprinkle in pistachios and cashews and white chocolate morsels. Watch your friends gobble this up.

You can use our Cauldron Baskets to hold popcorn or ice and drinks. Fill our IronWorks 2-Tier Server with candy apples: real or fake. Add a couple of our Ghost Lanterns for the spooky mood. Order those now so you will be ready for your party.

Most of all, just remember to have fun with our tricks and treats.