The new Bountiful Basket from Dresden & Company delivers on its name. From its generous size to its versatility, Bountiful is a great match for your home. It also works on the go.

D&Co.’s basket designers took what seemed like a straightforward design, added a couple of intricately woven grab-on handles and made a basket that works hard in almost every room of the house. And they made it in two lovely color combo options that keep the sun and the sky in mind every day of the year.

We’ll expand on the colors and usage ideas in just a moment. But first, know that this basket is available only through the end of October 2022. You’ll want to get yours ordered soon.

The team created this with an eye on Thanksgiving tables, a time when we gather with friends and family for big meals. The first thought that comes to mind is a basket overflowing with rolls fresh from the oven. Or a basket filled to the brim with colorful gourds and pumpkins.

That’s just the start for this basket.

Stand in the middle of your living room, den, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, laundry room, nursery, craft room, bedroom and office and envision where this 18-inch-long, 7.5-inch-wide basket will work. You’ll find bountiful options.

Here’s a start:

In the kitchen, it holds a loaf of bread atop the refrigerator, your favorite spices on a pantry shelf, a collection of go-to cookbooks, potholders and trivets, and grab-and-go snacks.

Take it to the dining room and set up an entertainment center at the end of the buffet. Utensils in a crock, cups, plates and napkins all in one place. Use it to hold three American Potters’ Collection Small Crocks filled with salads, dips, ice cream toppings or condiments. Fill it with rolls or brownies.

In the laundry room, make it a cleaning center with a supply of cleaning cloths and add a Small Cube Protector to hold your cleaners.

This basket is a natural in the nursery. There’s room for diapers, lotions, wipes and other changing station needs. Make it a reading center with a collection of books to read before bedtime.

Craft room? This basket can hold crafting tools, projects, stamp sets, rolls of ribbon, inks, skeins of yarn. Whatever your craft, you’ll find plenty of usages for the Bountiful.

Continue the journey around your home and picture this basket working hard to keep you organized. Then think about your car. This basket is a go-to center for the back seat to hold games, snacks and books for your young travelers.

The hardest questions might be whether to choose Soft Yellow with Wheat or Soft Blue with Wheat. Or whether one is enough.