Do you see the words “Recipe Basket” and think I don’t cook? Or “Picnic Basket” and think when do I have the time? Maybe you see “Laundry Basket” and just sigh and think I’d rather not.

What’s in a name anyway? Ask just about anybody for their ideas on how to use any specific Dresden & Company basket and you’ll get dozens of ways that don’t match the name or what you had in mind.

My Grande Recipes & More Basket could be your Memories Basket because it is where you want to store concert ticket stubs or photos. Someone’s Picnic Basket could be your Quilting Basket to keep fabric squares until you’re ready to piece them. The Laundry Basket could double as a Snooze Basket filled with blankets for a sleepover.

You get the idea.

When the D&Co. designers and creatives get together, they have an idea of a name for a basket, but their creativity doesn’t match yours when you know just how that basket can make life easier and fun.

Forget the name. Look at the design and imagine the possibilities.

The Bakery Basket automatically conjures thoughts of dinner rolls, biscuits, bagels, brownies and cookies. But it could just as easily be a changing station in a nursery, a center for remotes in the TV room, a makeup station or an inbox on your desk.

How will the Hometown Helper help you? Obviously, it is great for carrying baking dishes to the potluck or paper plates and napkins if that’s what you’ve been asked to bring. You could use it as a garden basket or a portable library with your books and magazines.

The Fridge Basket doesn’t have to be tied to the Fridge. Hang it from a hook by the door to hold your keys. Add it to your office setup to hold Post-it notes or pens. Put it in the laundry room to hold stain sticks and loose change found in pockets.

The Hamper becomes a sports center in some households. Or a gift-wrapping center.

The Main Street Moments works whether you live on Main Street or not. And it works for lots and lots of moments. Take it to the Farmers’ Market. Use it for a picnic basket. Tailgate with it before the baseball or football game. Fill it with tissues and chocolate for the days when you just need a “moment.”

Sometimes our baskets have really simple names. We went basic with February’s Work-A-Day Round Basket and Work-A-Day Rectangle Basket. “Round” and “Rectangle” wipe out preconceived basket ideas.

Here are just a few suggestions, though. The Round Basket can hold dips, utensils on a buffet, a 4-inch potted plant, candy, pens and pencils, energy bars, and soaps and lotions.

The Rectangle Basket is a serving tray, a jewelry tray, a mail drop station, and a chips and salsa stand.

Pick a basket or baskets that you love and put them to work in your home, your office, your car. Don’t worry about the name, just imagine the possibilities.