The 2nd in our American Spirit Collection, the Ballot Basket celebrates our constitutional right to vote! The base of this basket is grounded with weaves of Red and Weathered White that flare outward up to a solid Blue top, band and trim. The Ballot Basket proudly carries the unique American Spirit burn, with a star dotting the “i” in American, on the inside band.

No matter your affiliation, our American Spirit Ballot Basket celebrates democracy and our rights as Americans.

The Washington Secretary-of-State has put together a timeline detailing the history of voting in America. This fascinating account highlights the milestones of voting rights throughout our country from 1776 through today. Click the link below to learn about the achievements we’ve made as a nation.

This beautiful, patriotic, limited time basket is the perfect way to commemorate your 2020 vote. Exercise your right and get yours today!

American Spirit
Ballot Basket