With the canvas outside awash in white across much of the country now, we think it is time to color your home with visions of spring and a promise of summer. Think greens, blues, oranges. Along with yellows and reds.

Dresden & Company’s delightful February campaign is bursting with color. We’re ready for spring even if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter weather.

Everyone has a different idea of what spring colors typically are, but we can all agree that there’s the soft green of new leaves and blades of grass. And the blues of a clear spring sky. Orange brings a dose of happiness and the joy at a sunrise or sunset.

With Dresden & Company’s Work-A-Day Tiered Basket in those spring colors, you can brighten up your kitchen or take the party to the deck. Both the top and bottom of the Tiered Basket are good for holding oranges, apples, grapes and bananas for even more color.

The green, orange and blue in the Work-A-Day are also available in the Companion Basket and the Grande Recipes & More Basket.

Add our eclectic Boho pottery collection for bursts of color. The measuring cups, the bowls, the spoons and the Host Exclusive teacups are like having a spring garden of flowers pop up whenever you need an extra smile.

The color scheme isn’t just here this month and gone. Just as spring takes hold and blossoms into something more, D&Co. has plans to embrace these colors throughout the next few months. February is the start of a five-month campaign to Color Your World.

The greens, oranges and blues will be back in various shades, allowing you to add new designs or pieces to your assortment of hard-working American-made baskets. The Boho pottery is this month only.

As you wait to see what else we have planned over the next five months, talk to your D&Co. Proprietor about our Color Your World incentive. It’s a way to get a little extra green into your home.