Rolls of ribbon. Bags of crinkly shred. Gift tags. Tape. Paper and bags. Gifts for family, friends, co-workers, Secret Santa swaps. ‘Tis almost the season.

It can get overwhelming even before you remember that you need quick little ideas for your stylist, your child’s teacher, your hosts and your postal carrier. Not to mention something for those just in case, last minute, always be prepared moments.

Take a deep breath. Grab your Dresden & Company Flyer and Home & Life Journal or just pull up the company website. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll have a variety of choices that you can group together any way you want.

Start with a list.

Pick an assortment of D&Co. Kitchen jams, dressings, breads, mustards, spices and wine coolers. Move on over to the American Potters’ Collection pottery and add Charcuterie Plates and Ramekins. Select a couple of Charcuterie Sets and a handcrafted Wooden Bread knife. Now, move over to the D&Co. Apothecary area and choose tins of our Body Butter or our Sugar Body Scrub. Add a Twist and Turn Basket, a Small Tobacco Basket or a Small Cubby Basket to the collection. Ooh, see that Small Bubble Glass Hurricane? Add one or two of those to the list. Definitely choose a pack of the Grande Recipe Cards and some of those Bevin Jingle Bells.

Now, the fun really begins. Look at all you have chosen and decide who gets what. What pairs best with what. This is the best part of overwhelming.

Here are some ideas:

  • Spa Day. You know stylists are always on their feet making everyone look and feel gorgeous. Give yours the D&Co. Apothecary Sugar Body Scrub or Body Butter to enjoy once they’ve made it through the holiday season.
  • Teacher Time. The D&Co. Apothecary Sugar Body Scrub and Body Butter works well for teachers too. But a canister of our D&Co. Kitchen Wine Slush Mix might be a nice alternative.
  • Thank the Hosts. Tie a D&Co. Kitchen Cranberry Pecan Cheese Ball Mix to the Charcuterie Plate for one gift idea. Or fill the Twist and Turn Basket with a bottle of D&Co. Kitchen dressing, jam or condiment of your choice. Or put a jar of D&Co. Kitchen jam or mustard in the Ramekin and add the spoon from the Charcuterie Set. Use the spreader for a separate gift set.
  • Postal Worker or Delivery Carrier. A D&Co. Kitchen jar of jam and a spreader from the Charcuterie Set makes a nice gift.
  • Extra Family Gifts. Write out your favorite cookie recipe on the recipe cards and attach the cards and a Bevin Bell to bags of cookies you make for your family and friends. You could also put the cookies in a basket or on a Charcuterie plate.

There are just so many ideas. You could pair the D&Co. Kitchen bread mix with the Wooden Bread Knife. Get creative and thread colorful ribbon through three of the Bevin Bells and tie a bow that can be an ornament or a door hanger.

The Small Bubble Glass Hurricane would be a beautiful gift filled with cookies, sparkling glass ornaments gingerly resting in colorful shredded paper or a flowering plant.

Figure out your options, place your order with your D&Co. Pro and get ready to use that pile of ribbon, shred and holiday bags you have on hand. Remember those Bevin Bells as options to add to any gift bag. If you had fun shopping and coming up with gift ideas, don’t forget that you could easily be your own shopkeeper by joining the Dresden & Company team.

If the idea of all that shopping was still too much, we have two gift sets that come nestled in crinkly shred and bound in shrink wrap. With those, all you need to do is add a bow and a gift tag.