Intricately decorated eggs. Tulips in a variety of pastels. Baskets of rolls. Rabbits.

They come together in scenes across the country as families gather at their Easter tables to dine on Easter hams with favorite side dishes and plenty of chocolate and desserts.

Dresden & Company has a variety of home décor items that will dress up your table in its own Easter finery simply and easily.

Let’s start with our fun little Easter Egg Plates. They can be filled with an assortment of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs and jelly beans for a dessert plate. Or use them as bread plates to hold pats of butter and the rolls that will be passed around the table. Imagine the surprise when you tell your guest that they get to keep their “Easter Egg” Plate.

You have a variety of options for a centerpiece. Choose our beautiful 2022 Easter Basket, a Large Bubble Glass Hurricane, our Garden Love Vase or our Colored Glass Tealight Votive Wood Tray. Perhaps you use a combination of those if you’ve got a long table.

The Easter Basket looks elegant with a pot of tulips bowing gracefully over the edges of the basket. Consider adding a family favorite bunny and surrounding it with eggs. Maybe you will use it to hold fresh-baked rolls, muffins or cookies.

A Garden Love Vase in our Easter Blue, Easter Green or Easter Pink could hold a freshly cut bouquet. It invites spring to the table.


The Large Bubble Glass Vase would look festive filled with pastel-colored eggs layered with Easter grass.

Our Colored Glass Tealight Votive Wood Tray brings another dimension to the table and a variety of decorating scenes. Put tealights in some of the votives and fill others with jelly beans or candies. Put little flowers in others. Place a bunny or two among the glasses.

Whatever you do, remember to snap a photo or two so you’ll know what you’ll want to recreate next year.