Seaside Summer Tote Basket

People have been carrying their belongings in bags and baskets for centuries, slinging satchels made from cloth, leather and other natural materials over their shoulders around the world. The word tote means “to carry.” Over time the word “tote” became a thing, short for tote bag.

Today’s fashionable tote bag came into being in the 1940s, when the iconic outdoor brand L.L. Bean created an ice bag out of heavy-duty canvas. Those bags were built to last and the owners quickly found other uses, making them a staple for the Maine company.

Fast forward to 2020: Dresden & Company’s designers have embraced your need for toting and furthered the evolution of totes with the introduction of the Seaside Summer Tote Basket, available throughout the month of July. This large and sturdy basket features a color-block pattern of Seaside Blue and Weathered White with over-sized round leather handles that provide a comfortable way to carry your belongings.

Part of what makes the Seaside Summer Tote Basket so unique is the permanent fabric lining, a first for Dresden & Company. The lining itself is sewn of a blue fabric by a local seamstress and delivered to the D&Co. Workshop. Basketmakers weave the basket around the lining, making it a permanent part of the overall design. This concept elevates our Seaside Summer Tote Basket to a higher level in terms of fashion and function.

The uses are endless for our large but easily totable Seaside Summer Tote Basket. Of course, the first idea that comes to mind is to use it for your family trip to the nearby beach, lake or a friend’s pool — maybe even the one in your backyard if you are so fortunate to have one! It’s the perfect roomy size to carry your towels, small toys, goggles, swim floats, reading materials, and the snacks and sunscreen.

Picture it in use in your own home, whether it’s the family room, office or bathroom. While not in use, store your family’s favorite throws and blankets in the Seaside Summer Tote Basket for a tidy look but easy accessibility. Files, reference materials —even your laptop will fit inside to help clear the clutter in the office or your dining room, if that’s your current work-from-home office. Extra towels and toilet paper are always handy but stylishly tucked away in a gorgeous basket like the Seaside Summer Tote Basket in your bathroom.

When we’re headed out the door for errands, we all need that grab and go basket to tote it all! Think about the library books to return, the dry cleaning to drop off, and the snacks and drinks to sustain us along the way. It’s nice to stash a good book or e-reader inside to pass the wait time you may encounter.

Don’t forget trips to the farmers’ markets or your wine club or take out pick-ups. The sizable Seaside Tote Basket will easily carry your bountiful selections from the market, more than just a few bottles of wine (think 4-5) and that stack of take-out containers that will help to save you trips back and forth from the car once you arrive home.

Why not take a little seaside with you, whether your destination is the beach, the ball field or maybe the office?