Raise your hand if you’re ready for summer outings and a ton of fun.

This summer, more than most, we’re looking forward to cookouts, family reunions, day trips or epic road journeys, the beach, camping by a favorite lake, and just gathering with a few friends we haven’t seen in what seems like forever.

Dresden & Company is the perfect sidekick for any summer adventure. We’ve got the baskets, the food, the flags, the pottery, the glassware, the insect repellent, the hand soap and the lotion. You’ll want to head out for fun in the sun with at least one or two pieces of D&Co.

Where will you take D&Co. and how will you use it? Here are just a few ideas.


Pack your favorite D&Co. basket with your take on the family’s traditional baked beans — where you’ve added D&Co. Kitchen’s Raspberry Peach Chipotle Sauce for a little more bite. Or deliver your potato salad in chilled American Potters’ Collection Crocks or Bowls so it will stay safe longer. Add D&Co. Kitchen Dill Pickle Mustard to the potato salad and bring along the jar so people can have it for their burgers and hot dogs. Fill the protector-lined Small Braided Bin with water and set it up as a washing station at the end of the table with the D&Co. Apothecary Foaming Hand Soap. (It doesn’t hurt for the Braided Bin to get wet.) Toss various bags of chips and snacks into the Dresden 1919 Basket. 


Again, start with our handcrafted American-made baskets. Pack snacks, maps, binoculars, cameras, D&Co. Apothecary Insect Repellent and Hand & Body Lotion in the Company Picnic Basket or the Main Street Moments Basket. Choose the basket that fits your journey. We recommend one with swinging handles so you can venture off the trail for a nice picnic by the gurgling water of a creek or waterfall. Have the Insect Repellent ready to thwart the bugs. The lotion is nice and soothing after a day in the sun.


Set the mood for your Fourth of July gathering with the American Bunting and American Flag hanging from your front porch. Use a collection of American Potters’ Collection pieces and various D&Co. baskets to serve your food. The Charcuterie Platter can hold a Beach Ball Fruit Pizza or various collections of cheeses and fruits. Fill the baskets with breads, chips, veggies and fruit. Use the Caddy Basket for utensils and napkins. Stir a Bubble Glass Pitcher full of lemonade or Wine Slushes for a cold drink on a hot day. Create a centerpiece with the Bubble Glass Hurricanes. And the food! Use our wide-ranging assortment of D&Co. Kitchen foods for dips, appetizers and main courses. We’ve got all sorts of recipes for you on our website.


Your Seaside Summer Tote from D&Co. is ready for the beach or the lake. So is the Village Errands Basket or the Dresden 1919. Load them up with beach towels, a hat, a book, snacks, sunscreen and D&Co. Apothecary Body Butter. Then relax and figure out where D&Co. and you will go on your next adventure.

We’re always ready to go.