Kitchen duty. It keeps calling us, just like clockwork.

For some of us, time spent among measuring cups and spoons, baking dishes and mixers is an absolute joy. We can’t wait to create and taste and share with those gathered around our kitchen island. (It’s where the best stories and conversations happen, you know.)

For others, we’d rather wash all the dishes, pots and pans at the end of the meal or just order out.

The team behind D&Co. Kitchen is all about mixing it up and turning all of us into people who can dish out a tasty meal, appetizer or dessert. Or at least give us new recipe ideas or gifts for our foodie friends.

With January’s addition of four soup mixes and two brownie mixes, shopping D&Co. Kitchen’s collection is like going to a boutique grocery store and coming away with the makings of a meal.

There are 45 items stocked in your D&Co. Proprietor’s digital store. Jams, dressings and glazes, sauces, spice mixes, breads, muffins, brownies, soup mixes, teas, a cheese ball mix. And there are more new products on the horizon.

Need an appetizer that will turn heads at the next family gathering? Start with one of our jams. The D&Co. Kitchen Bacon Pepper Jam just flies off the shelves.

Making a mammoth hero sandwich for the Super Bowl party? Our D&Co. Kitchen Dill Pickle Mustard steps it up a notch.

Need a steaming mug of soup to take the winter chill off? Choose from Chicken & Black Bean Slow Cooker Soup Mix, Con Queso Enchilada Soup Mix, Italian Wedding Soup Mix or Zesty Chicken Slow Cooker Soup Mix. Add a loaf of Cheesy Garlic Beer Bread for an even heartier meal.

D&Co. Creative Director Michael Kennedy says he searched the country for the perfect mixes.

We all have our favorite foods and we expect you’ll find some of your new favorites in our “pantry.”

If you are in the neighborhood, the D&Co. Welcome Center on Main Street has an assortment of the food available. You can shop there and just let them know who your D&Co. Pro is.

For those of you who are really into foods, we have a D&Co. Kitchen Club that delivers a selection of items for you to try every couple of months. The January-February Club offering includes a soup, a bread and a dessert. The March-April Club includes a couple of the new pantry items: Key Lime Jelly and Three Berry No Bake Cream Pie mix.

Check us out, make your grocery list and have fun in the kitchen.