Doesn’t May just make you want to party? Invite a few friends over to catch up, celebrate the graduates, the end of classes, the hint of summer vacations?

It’s what we like to do at Dresden & Company. You might say we like to entertain at every twist and turn — pun intended. And we like to make it easy.

May at D&Co. brings six new food items, another way to do charcuterie, and a new Twist & Turn Bowl Basket that could easily be at the center of every spread you set out. There are also bright, bold colors.

Where to begin your entertaining? You need the right mix of containers, foods and friends.

After you’ve invited everyone, plan your menu and mix up some of our dips. A container of sour cream and a package of D&Co. Kitchen The Ultimate Bacon Dip or Garden Vegetable Dip Mix gets you started. Perhaps you want our Sun-Dried Tomato Blend Dip Mix or our Blue Cheese Buffalo Wing Cheese Ball Mix?


While the dip (or dips) is prepping in the refrigerator, pull out your Small Tray and Large Tray Baskets. Layer them with fruits, vegetables, crackers and other tasty treats. In May, you can get these serving pieces in Bright Green, Bright Blue and Bright Orange. All the options add to the colorful display you’ve created with your vegetables.

The new Twist & Turn Bowl Basket will quickly become a go-to basket for chips, crackers and cubes of bread for dipping into olive oil and our Tuscan Blend Bread Dipping Spices. Place an American Potters’ Collection Ramekin in the middle to hold salsa or dips.

The Twist & Turn Bowl Basket is new and comes in gorgeous two-tone colors of Bright Orange, Bright Blue and Bright Green as well as Sandstone and Ash Gray.

If you have a stack of these with Protectors, your guests could use them as their plates. Or they could use a Personal Charcuterie Board for their snacks.

Another fun idea to guard against the dreaded double-dipping of your dips is to place a small amount of the dip in the bottom of a clear plastic cup or one of our Stemless Wine Glasses and add some veggies to the glass. Then your guests have an individual dipping center.

Figure out your party plans and make sure to invite Dresden & Company along for every twist and turn.