The focus on promoting American-made products as part of Dresden & Company’s boutique direct sales business begins in Dresden and leads to a network that spans the country, creating an intricate web of businesses and jobs that bring to life our mission of “Life Made Better.”

From the craftspeople who weave our baskets to the small, family-owned businesses that supply many other items in our line, hand-touched is a way of life enveloped in a sense of pride. It’s hard to fathom at times just how many people’s lives are affected in making all those products and then shipping, selling and buying them.

“Buying American has an overwhelmingly positive impact on everything we do, from our partners at local lumber yards, to the events and gatherings in our local community, to our customers all across the country,” our friends who make wooden American flags wrote in response to a question about what type of impact buying American makes on their business, community and family.

Our partners who create the artisanal teas have a global business, noting that the tea they use is produced in Asia. “But American workers are used to ship, forward and test products,” they wrote. “And the final production is produced in-house, giving us control over the finished product.”

“We love to offer our clients a handmade product made in small batches,” they noted.

Buying American-made “helps to support artisan families, farmers, and small business in the community, creating a healthier and productive society,” our tea partners wrote. “Helping to support dreams, passions, and jobs give people a better outlook and self-esteem which reverberates through the community.”

The D&Co. team works hard to find partners who share our passion and vision for craftsmanship, for American-made, and for a good life in small communities across the U.S.

“We rely on many different partners from all over the United States to have all of the different materials we need to make baskets and protectors,” said D&Co. Director of Product Development & Manufacturing Andy Wolfe. “Some are very large companies, and some are fairly small just like us. They all have an impact on their communities and are proud to be contributing to the success and well-being of their part of this country.”

Founder Jim Lepi said Dresden & Company is determined to make sure the basket-making heritage of the small village of Dresden endures.  “With that comes a lot of benefits. We create jobs for weavers. We create a sustainable Dresden.”

“We feel a responsibility for the health of small communities and the growth of the Made in America category in our country,” D&Co. Creative Director Michael Kennedy said. That responsibility includes the desire to see that talented artists in Dresden and America are employed.

“We love the pride and positive spirit that everyone we have worked with at Dresden & Company has,” our wooden flag partners wrote. “We feel that Dresden embodies the same made in America values that we do.”

Some of D&Co.’s partners are fourth- and fifth-generation businesses. Wooden bowls made in Michigan, bells in Connecticut, pottery in nearby Zanesville, Ohio, table linens in the Carolinas and Texas, braided bins in Rhode Island, leather bags in Ohio. The list goes on and on. And with every business that D&Co. works with, there is a ripple effect in that business’ community.

“American industry was born in back yards and that needs to continue,” Michael said.

D&Co. and its vendor partners are working hard to see that it does.