Family traditions are those special moments in life that bridge generations, and one that provides lasting memories is a family outing to the apple orchard.

In the American Midwest in the early 1800s, many apple orchards were planted by folk hero Johnny Appleseed. He was an eccentric frontier nurseryman known for planting the first apple orchard in Ohio and selling saplings to farmers. The pure beauty of orchards offering rows and rows of trees loaded with crimson red apples cannot be matched. Their bounty is turned into delicious cider, pies and apple sauces. But there’s nothing better than biting into a juicy tart apple, just picked from the tree. This fall grab a few Dresden & Company baskets and head to your local apple orchard. It’s a memory and tradition that will last a lifetime.


We hope you enjoy the photos from our friends, the Dobbelaer family, at their farm Charlie’s Apples at Windy Hill Apple Farm, Ohio’s only accredited organic apple orchard. We’re sure Johnny Appleseed would be very proud of them! Lean more about Charlie’s Apples at