Stunning. Beautiful. Hard-working. American craftsmanship. Long lasting.

All of those words fit perfectly for the newest line from Dresden & Company: D&Co. Tannery. Working with a single piece of natural grain mottled brown leather sourced in the U.S., craftsmen in southeastern Ohio make these two bags in small batches exclusively for D&Co. The process to craft these exceptional bags includes seven steps:

1. The leather is hand cut, using a pattern template.

2. The contrasting leather handles are hand riveted to the leather using solid brass hardware.

3. The sides of the bags are sewn together inside out.

4. The corner leather is pounded, making the corners more pliable for folding.

5. The corners are sewn using a heavy-duty waxed nylon yarn.

6. The excess leather from the corners is trimmed away.

7. The bag is turned right side out and carefully inspected.

This rigorous process results in bags that are gorgeous and ready to go wherever life takes you for years to come (even though trips are pretty limited at the moment).

The Tannery collection is beginning with two bags:

The Small Mocha Leather Bag measures 12 inches long, 4.5 inches wide and 10 inches high. It has an 11.5-inch strap drop. It is $230.40 with the insider price, which is what you pay when you shop with a D&Co. Proprietor.

The Large Mocha Leather Bag measures 16 inches long, 4.75 inches wide, 11.75 inches tall and has an 11.75-inch strap drop. It is $267.20 with the insider price.

Both bags are open on the inside. Their ample leather handles feature a leather fob with the Dresden & Company logo embossed on it.

Imagine being able to use the large one as a purse while also carrying your laptop and a light sweater for cool rooms. I’ve been using the small one as my purse and carrying my Kindle when I go to the gym along with mail to drop at the post office.

The more you use these bags the better they will get, with the leather conditioning itself from the inside out.

Either of these bags would automatically qualify as a party where hosts earn benefits. Like them both? Buy the small at full price on a party and get the large as for half-price! Or invite your friends to shop your online party and work toward a $500 party where you can get both at half price. Talk to your Proprietor about getting a party started.

D&Co. Creative Director Michael Kennedy is already exploring accessories for these bags, so we can expect to see this line expand. It’s all part of our company’s mission, as Michael says, “to ensure America’s craft traditions continue with modern sensibilities.”