Home has become the place to be as many of us work from home or are just not venturing out too often. Besides the aromatic smell of fresh-baked cookies or a big bouquet of flowers, we look to candles and room sprays as ways to change the mood and give us a sense of escape.

Our new D&Co. Apothecary Home Fragrance Collection can make a night and day difference. Literally, we have Daybreak and Nightfall to offer in candles, reed diffusers and room refresher sprays.

Daybreak is a light, bright scent designed to remind you of dewy mornings and sunbaked afternoons. Nightfall is a deep, rich scent that creates a calming effect as the stars come out at night.

The Dresden & Company team had ideas in mind for the fragrances when they approached our partners, Jim and Candyce. They own an Ohio company with more than five years of experience in the field and are happy to work with D&Co.

“Discovering talented partners in America that are dedicated to quality products is my everyday mission,” said D&Co. Creative Director Michael Kennedy. “Jim’s and Candyce’s passion for the very best home fragrance products, handcrafted in small batches of the finest ingredients, excited me to no end. I love their enthusiasm and commitment.”

“Michael allowed us to draw on our experience in the retail bath, body care and candle space to create scents that we know their customers would love,” Jim said. Our partners provided many samples from which the final Daybreak and Nightfall fragrances were chosen.

“We want every customer that buys our products to say ‘Wow, that scent is so real and it smells just like I would expect’ or to be captivated by the uniqueness and depth of some of our scents,” Jim said.

Quality ingredients are key to the products our partners use. The candles are 100% soy wax with cotton wicks. They use cosmetic-grade fragrance oils or essential oils. In room sprays and mask mists, our partners use purified water and the best fragrances and essential oils possible to create the highest quality product.

“We pride ourselves in the scents and fragrances we use and the blends we create,” Jim said. “Fragrance and product feel mean everything in the bath and body care world and fragrance alone is the key with candles.”

Jim wrote in an email that it took them a full day to experiment with and hone the fragrance combination for the new D&Co. Apothecary Home Fragrance collection, noting they were able to draw on their collective experience in the business.

“We made a few tweaks to a formula that had taken us a few weeks to perfect to get the final D&Co. room sprays ready to market,” he said.

The D&Co. Apothecary Home Fragrance collection includes a single-wick candle in a small galvanized tin, a 3-wick candle in a pottery bowl, a diffuser set with 7 reeds, and room refresher spray. Each comes in either of the D&Co. scents.

“There is nothing better than lighting a candle before bed to provide a wonderful scent and tranquility before bed or to be able to light up a candle in a room and have some amazing fragrance floating about,” Jim wrote. “With all that said, a great room spray or linen spray is always good to have around when we don’t have time to burn a candle for a few hours.”

Jim said they love working with D&Co. to produce some of the company’s product line. “We love the brand and the fact that the products are high quality and sourced locally,” he said.

Take a moment to check out the D&Co. Apothecary Home Fragrance Collection. As part of the line’s introduction, customers who hold a $350 party with their Pros by the end of March will get a D&Co. Apothecary Galvanized Candle in either Daybreak or Nightfall free.