Welcome winter with one of the happiest, jolliest snowmen we’ve ever seen. Heart on his hat, smile on his face, twinkle in his eyes, and arms opened wide to welcome more snow.

He almost makes you want to pull on your coat and gloves, lace up your boots and go trudge in the snow while singing “Winter Wonderland.” ALMOST.

Snowmen are a Dresden & Company tradition. We love traditions and the snowmen are one of the most popular. Each year after the Christmas deadline passes, we turn our attention to our snowmen. Winter is just settling in and we need another reason to smile.

This year’s Snow Guy is metal and some of us think he is our best so far. D&Co. partnered with a talented Ohio metal fabricator to create our exclusive design, which has a durable white enamel finish.

His official name is IronWorks Snowman Votive Holder. Don’t let the word “votive” deceive you. That just means you can put a candle behind him to shine a light through the snowflake carved into his belly. A big candle instead of a little one because our snowman is 12 inches high. The piercings for the snowflake, scarf, face and hat just glow with delight.

Our snowman can stand up and stand out because of the little round stand behind his body. That’s where you put the candle. Or you can be creative and place a dish of candies or nuts there. Maybe even use the American Potters’ Collection Ramekin to hold Snowman Dip for a movie night to watch “Frozen” or “Frosty the Snowman.” (See the recipe from D&Co. Team Leader Judy Wise.)

Make a message center for your kitchen island by stringing jute from one outstretched hand to another and attaching notes with little clothespins.

Place a vase behind the snowman with some greenery. Or set him in the middle of a floral wreath.

Sit him in the middle of a Charcuterie Platter or on the Serving Tray surrounded by snowball cookies or mounds of marshmallows for a hot chocolate bar.

Need a place to let your mittens dry after a snowball fight? Hang them on your snowman’s hands. Add your cap atop his hat.

Have the jolliest of winters with our newest snowman. Ask your D&Co. Pro how to order him.

Judy’s Snowman Dip Recipe

8 ounces cream cheese, softened

1 8-ounce can sweetened condensed milk

1 container Cool Whip

½ cup chocolate chips

¼ cup candy corn

Mini pretzel sticks

Mix all together. The pretzel sticks represent arms, candy corn the nose and chocolate chips are the eyes.