host a home partyAsk a Dresden & Company Proprietor what motivated them to become a part of this boutique-style direct sales company and you’ll get dozens of different, fun answers. All are right because everyone has their own reasons for joining.

For some, joining gives them the ability to have their own little home décor business, offering interior decorating suggestions for their customers. Some joined for the extra income to pay for sports uniforms or special vacations. Still others signed up for the sense of community, a love of small family-owned businesses and the village of Dresden. For others, it’s the desire to work with a team of Proprietors or simply to get discounts on their own purchases.

It can be a side gig, a break from the typical 9-to-5 routine or the next chapter after retirement.dresden and company party

The easier question may be when to sign up to become a Proprietor. February is ideal because of a wide selection of new business bundles and a Bundle Bucks Incentive that is available to new Pros signing up by Feb. 28.

Dresden & Company offers a variety of items for the home, many of them made by hand. From hard-working baskets woven in Dresden to a variety of food items and pottery made in Zanesville to American flags and apothecary items. There’s a focus on American-made products and artisanship.

D&Co. offers Business Innovator, Business Builder and Business Starter bundles. The Innovator is $299 and valued at $733. The Builder is $159 and valued at $344. The Starter is $79 and valued at $158. Each ships free. They all offer a selection of products and literature to help you get started. The doors to a digital storefront open as soon as you sign up, and you start earning commission with your first sale.

home party ideas with gourmet foodWith the Bundle Bucks incentive, a new Pro signing up by Feb. 28, 2022, can get half the price of the selected bundle rebated when they reach $1,000 in sales within the first 30 days of their join date. Couple that with earning commission and getting your dream job going is doubly rewarding. The company will also add in a D&Co. product valued at $60 for free.

The next question? Where do you sign up? Talk to your D&Co. Pro or check out the company website at and be ready for a fun job the way you want it.