Raise your hand if you spent part of the Labor Day weekend pulling bins of decorations out so you can transform your home into a snippet of nature’s blazingly beautiful fall season. It’s time for pumpkins and gourds, a kaleidoscope of oranges, reds, and golds, and all the cozy warmth that comes along with autumn.

If there were only one rule for fall decorating it would have to be there’s always room for one more pumpkin. The question is whether that means one more for the house or one more for every room in the house.

With Dresden & Company, creating a pumpkin-laden fall is easy. Our basket designers have created Woven Tall and Round Pumpkins in Maple Leaf Orange and Weathered White this year. And they added Tobacco Baskets in those fall colors.

Let the decorating begin!

Spread our Fall Stripe Table Runner, with its bright orange stripes, down the middle of your dining room table. Scatter a few colorful fake leaves and some acorns or pecans around. Then place the Woven Round Pumpkin and the Woven Tall Pumpkin in the middle. Add a colorful leafy candle ring on top of the tall one. A touch of fall has arrived.

Or turn the tall pumpkin on its side and fill it with a delightful mixture of gourds. It can be your Thanksgiving cornucopia.

The pumpkins will look beautiful on the mantel or the kitchen island, atop the buffet or on the built-in bookcase. The possibilities are endless because we all have our own designer’s eye.

The Weathered White Square Tobacco Basket is ideal for a farmhouse look. And just imagine how beautiful it would look holding a few little orange pumpkins and gourds. Maybe you put an American Potters’ Collection Medium Bowl filled with candy in the middle.

Adding the Protector to the Square Tobacco Basket turns it into a stylish serving platter. Place a couple of American Potters’ Collection Ramekins on the Protector. Fill them with caramel sauce and surround them with apple slices ready for dipping.

The Tobacco Baskets also make seasonal photo frames. Slip a few of your favorite photos into the weave and add a couple of leaves for fresh wall or mantel art. Complete the mantel scape look by adding our Bubble Glass Hurricanes on either side of the Tobacco Basket. What will you add to them? Flameless candles? Tiny faux pumpkins? Candy corn? Sunflowers?

Bring another touch of fall into your home with our American Potters’ Collection Crocks. Place a small pot of fall mums in a crock and set them strategically throughout your home.

Then finish off your fall decorating with a mug of warm apple cider and a slice of fresh baked bread: D&Co, Kitchen’s Pumpkin and Cream Cheese, of course.