We all have our own organizing skills. Some follow Benjamin Franklin’s “A place for everything. Everything in its place.” approach. Others are simply happy to get everything in the right room or on the right table.
Dresden & Company had organization, presentation, versatility and individuality in mind when the design team created the Caddy and Companion Baskets and a fun collection of Protectors to go with them.
The baskets were introduced to the line on June 1. The Seaside Blue versions are only for June. The Sandstone and Ash Gray versions are now part of the Everyday line.

Each of the baskets has three Protector shapes so that you have a variety of options. Use one style or mix and match the shapes to create the answer to your organizational and entertaining needs. There are so many options. Where do we start?

Well, since we’re all about the Seaside theme this month, imagine yourself at the picnic table overlooking the beach or the lake. The Caddy Basket becomes the centerpiece with napkins in one half of the basket and utensils in two Petite Square Protectors on the other side. With the Large Square, it’s a basket for your chips or buns.

Or maybe you’ll use all four of the Petite Squares to hold pieces of limes, strawberries, lemons and blueberries for additions to your sparkling water or other beverages. Fill one protector with little wooden skewers and the other three with cheese cubes, berries and melons. Make a Sundae Toppings Basket with sprinkles, nuts, fruit and chocolate and top your homemade ice cream with your favorites. The two Rectangle Protectors become containers for dips and salsas.

Back at home, the Caddy is an organizer on your desk, in your craft room and even by your front door. Incoming mail goes on one side and Outgoing mail goes on the other. Craft pens go in one Protector, scissors and other tools in another.

With the Companion Basket, it’s the same game plan except smaller. On your desk, use individual protectors for binders, clips, Post-it notes. In the bathroom, organize some little hand soaps in the Large Protector or use two Rectangles to keep first aid ointment in one and adhesive bandages in the other.

At the kitchen island or the picnic table, keep your sugar packets separated between real and artificial. Make a Shrimp Basket with room for grilled shrimp, cocktail sauce and lemon slices.
Our baskets celebrate the best in versatility and individuality. Make these baskets your own and use them to get organized, have fun and entertain.

This month, Dresden & Company offers each of the baskets plus its Large Square Protector for savings as a set. Add two of the Petite Square Protectors and one Rectangle for starters and see how many ways you can put them to work in your home.

Ask your D&Co. Pro for more details. If you don’t have a Pro, search our website for one near you and get ready to put everything in its place.