July for Dresden & Company has been all about our 2nd anniversary, looking excitedly to the future and celebrating you, our customers. After all, you are a huge part of our world Every. Single. Day. 

The home team has customers in mind when they strategize over new basket designs, the latest pottery to offer, foods to tickle your taste buds, and the special whimsical items sure to bring decorating ideas with smiles for your holiday décor. 


We love to see your social media posts where you’re using Dresden & Company creations in your homes. Milk Bottles filled with flowers. Picnic Baskets toting dips, appetizers and casseroles. Charcuterie Platters that are piled high with anything from a breakfast bagel bar to traditional meat and cheese spreads to a fabulous dessert tray. 

D&Co. Proprietors always like to party with customers. There’s just something fun and satisfying in helping you reach a goal to get what you really want at half price or even free. We are eager to hear how you are using your newest D&Co. items (because maybe we might like your idea better than ours.)  

Company is always welcomed at our new Dresden & Company Welcome Center at 416 Main Street in Dresden, Ohio. ZIP code 43821.  

We also have fun sharing ideas. As Customer Appreciation Month comes to a close, here are just a few ideas for some of the many items in our Customer Appreciation Sale because… who doesn’t love restocking the gift closet? 



This generous American Potters’ Collection crock can hold a stack of homemade chocolate chip cookies, your favorite fresh herb plant, a variety of kitchen tools, or enough of your favorite dip to serve the whole neighborhood.  

Extra tip: Fill the crock with dried beans and add your kitchen knives so they are within reach when you need them and don’t take up much counter space. 




Elevate your serving with our stand that gives you a double-decker approach for desserts, appetizers, fruits and more. Use it on your kitchen island. Set it up in a nursery as part of your diaper-changing station. Keep your spices handy. Add an American Potters’ Collection Bowl for dips. Take a stand on entertaining with style.  



Just like the crock, you can use the Medium Everywhere Braided Bin as a gift bag. Add a blanket or throw and a good book for the favorite reader in the family. Toss a collection of garden tools in the bin for garden play. Stuffed toys? The bin is always ready for those. Keep one in the back of the car so your watermelon and cantaloupes don’t go careening out of control.  






Our American Potters’ Collection Bowls and Small and Large Pet Bowls, all in Sand, are part of the Customer Appreciation Set. You can bowl however you want. Use these for serving dishes. Turn them into succulent gardens. Pile them with fruit and a cookbook for the dessert maker you know. Add an ice cream scoop and a jar of sprinkles for the ice cream lover. 

Take a moment to make a list and get that gift closet restocked.  

Remember that there’s always more fun for customers. Every. Single. Day.