Birthday celebrations scream fun, food and adventure. Special dishes. New dishes. Old favorites. And, of course, those “you’ll never know unless you try it” dishes. Appetizers. Main courses. Desserts. Sides.

Dresden & Company has been helping people be adventuresome with food from the start, with tantalizing tastes in new combinations. Our D&Co. Kitchen Club, the most amazing adventure, is now a year old!  Technically, we’re celebrating the Club’s first anniversary but let’s just call it a birthday.

Every other month for the past year, foodies across the country have opened a box from D&Co. to find jams, sauces, dressings, teas, glazes, mustards, spices and more. Each box has a collection of four items from our ever-expanding food line. This gives recipients an opportunity to try new things, to share a gift with family and friends, or to restock the pantry shelves.

“What’s fun with the Kitchen Club subscription is that you often get to try something new —maybe something you wouldn’t normally buy,” said Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare, a Proprietor from Illinois.

Roberta gave the D&Co. Kitchen Club to her children and their spouses as a combination Mother’s Day-Father’s Day gift last year. “Sometimes when you’re not sure what someone wants or needs, I think consumables are a good way to go,” she said.

The gifts have been appreciated.

“It’s a fun surprise each time with products that I may not have tried otherwise,” Emily Dolbeare said of the gift. She enjoys sharing the foods with guests, so everyone gets a chance to try them.

“I personally am not much of a cook, BUT I am always trying new recipes to find something my picky sons will eat,” Jenna Dolbeare-Simonsen wrote in an email. “Once I made “homemade” BigMacs, and I used the Tomato Bacon Ranch Dressing as part of the sauce. They turned out delicious! And my sons ate them.” The dressing will be on Jenna’s reorder list.

D&Co. Kitchen is a big part of the company’s boutique assortment. The foods are delicious. The names are sometimes a mouthful, which seems very fitting. Take the Apple Maple Bacon Jam or the Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Salsa.

Each item is made of high-quality ingredients, blended beautifully to add flair to your food. Our Kitchen Club offerings are themed. The anniversary set available through April is all about the berries with three jams and a mustard.

One thing we learned in our first year is that you can’t just bring a fun food item out and not keep it around for reorders. So, if you fall in love with a Kitchen Club item, you can expect to be able to reorder because the items are available individually as well.

The Club is a wonderful gift for the foodies in your life, for the adventurers who want to try something new, and for those of us who love to celebrate birthdays, holidays and every day with a taste of deliciousness. When your Kitchen Club arrives, you’ll find it wrapped in gingham check tissue paper and along with a special message each time. It’s part of the ongoing celebration of the club. 

Is your mouth watering? Want to join the Club? Check with your D&Co. Proprietor and get started today.