“Home for the holidays” has a special meaning for Dresden & Company this year as we have created a holiday collection that is crafted in America and designed to help with your decorating, entertaining and gift-giving.

D&Co. weavers and designers used their talents to bring us new designs celebrating Dresden, Ohio’s century-old love affair with baskets. Family-owned businesses stretching from West Virginia to Texas created exclusives that we know will be cherished for years to come.  It’s all part of D&Co.’s mission to scour the country looking for partners who share our passion for good design, excellent craftsmanship and authenticity.

Oh, what fun we had putting this collection together. Dare we say our eyes had a certain Santa-like twinkle as we worked on this?

We invite you to come along as we tour parts of this collection.


Christmas SnowStar Basket

The D&Co. Christmas SnowStar Basket features an innovative open weave pattern designed by Basketmaker Ann Freniere. Look at the artisanship in keeping the opening in the weave exact!

The basket can hold a small evergreen tree decorated with little ornaments or lights. Place a poinsettia in here or use it to hold holiday cards, Christmas cookies, giant candy canes or even a bottle of sparkling cider.  

The “SnowStar” name comes from the five-pointed snowflake star, an exclusive emblem on the Ohio-made lid and featured elsewhere in the collection.

Christmas SnowStar Booking Basket 

This Christmas SnowStar Booking Basket is a smaller version of the Christmas SnowStar Basket and available exclusively for hosts. Ask your Proprietor for details on how you can get this adorable basket for free with a qualifying party. It’s the perfect basket for holding a pencil tree, candy canes or a private stash of candy.


SnowStar Wooden Hanger

For our SnowStar Wooden Hanger, we worked with some of our Ohio partners to place the SnowStar in the middle of a big wooden star that you can hang on your front door, lean on your mantel, add a big bow or even a couple of our Bevin Bells to create a stunning piece.

Bonus idea: The star is big enough (14.5″ x 13.75″) to be used to keep track of your Christmas visitors. Have everyone sign the star with a sharpie. You’ve got room on the front and the back for this memory maker.


2020 SnowStar Glass Ornament 

The second in our series of Christmas ornaments was made exclusively for D&Co. by the craftsmen at Blenko Glass in West Virginia, which has been family-owned since 1893.

It will look beautiful hanging on your tree or from our Cardinal Red Open Weave Out and About Basket. The ornament features our SnowStar and has the year 2020 preserved in glass. It comes with a white satin ribbon printed with “Dresden & Company.”

Give this to someone who was born or got married this year. Or share it with someone who retired or that has begun a new chapter of their life.

Large Bevin Jingle Bell 

You’ll hear sleigh bells jingling when you hang one of our Bevin Bells on our baskets, on your front door
or on a wreath.
Tie one to a package in place of a bow. The bells are created in Connecticut by the
Bevin Bell Company, which has been in business since 1832. Make sure to look inside the bell.
That’s a clear marble making all that noise!



Open Weave Out & About Basket

This basket will steal your heart. It is in one of our favorite holiday colors: Cardinal Red. Imagine it filled with evergreens and winter branches or poinsettias and holly leaves hanging on a dining room door or the door to the laundry. Or you could put your Christmas cards here. Use it to hold gloves or stocking caps, or your stash of holiday party napkins here. Keep kindling by the fireplace.

Add our Bevin Bells or the 2020 Ornament on the front. Or attach big paper snowflakes as an added decoration.

And you’ll want to take the Out and About out and about. You can take your holiday spirit along with you when you are running errands. Add a book and your wallet and hand sanitizer for an afternoon out. Or keep your knitting here to work on a project while you wait in the car for your shopping partner to get back.

And, speaking of hearts, this basket will be pretty for Valentine’s Day as well. Add some American flags for patriotic holidays and you may never put this basket away.


Iridescent Glass Tree

Create an indoor winter wonderland with our Iridescent Glass Tree, which is made by artisans in Ohio. You can make a forest with multiples or find just the ideal spot for one of these beauties. 

Place a battery-operated light inside the tree so it reflects the light for a colorful display. A shimmering overlay applied as the glass is fired gives the tree these subtle colors.

This tree will look good on your mantel, on a table, in the center of your kitchen island surrounded by fake snow or on your vanity.  Give it to someone who has moved into a smaller space and has decided not to have a full-size tree this year.

Pick a favorite decoration or wrap a little box and set it next to the tree.


Tobacco Basket Collection

We’ve added Cardinal Red to our Large and Small Tobacco Baskets and created a Small Square Tobacco Basket
just for the holiday.
Imagine the possibilities.

The Small Square could hold a little bit of homemade fudge or Christmas cookies. Add a set of fun holiday
napkins and give this as a gift. And we’ve created some gift pairings of our own to help you along.


3-Wick Wood Dough Bowl Candle

If your idea of a winter morning scent is a perfect mix of citrus,
cinnamon, clove and vanilla, then you are going to love D&Co.’s
3-Wick Wood Dough Bowl Candle. The Dough Bowl Candle
is made exclusively for D&Co. in Texas.

It would be a great gift for that person you know who loves
candles,dough bowls and decorating with a modern farmhouse
look. After the 40-50 hour burn time of the candle, you can easily
put the bowl to use in another way.



Winter Woodland Pottery Collection 

Our Winter Woodland Pottery Collection is back, and we’ve got a great new piece to go with your entertaining. The graceful, colorful cardinal in our distinctive D&Co. tree adorns our new Winter Woodlands Platter.

You can use it to hold cookies, snacks, sandwiches or as a tray for serving drinks. Or use it for your own holiday plate while you watch a little football.

The pottery is made in Zanesville, just down the road from Dresden.

The platter is part of a 9-piece host bundle that gives you 4 mugs, 4 plates and the platter. Talk to your Proprietor for more information.


SnowTrails Gift Basket 

Our weavers did it again, especially basketmaker Mary Senter, who put her talent to work and came up with this innovative weave pattern that uses
only curving
up splintswith no weaving. The result is a beautiful basket that can star in your holiday decorating scheme or be a perfect gift basket!

These are just some of the amazing Made-in-America items we have to offer you this holiday season. Check our November-December sell sheet for more and look throughout our website. Wherever you see the Made in America icon you know those items are made in America, usually by a small company working to preserve a tradition with modern sensibilities. Happy shopping and gift giving.