There’s something almost magical about having a loaf of bread baking in the oven. A cloud of aromas wafts through the house and you’re suddenly hungry. Like `how much longer until it’s ready?’ hungry.

As you wait, it’s time for bread’s best friends to make an appearance and we’re not talking about people to help you devour that golden loaf, although a bread board party would be fun. More on that idea later.

While you give the bread time to cool enough to be able to eat it, think jams, bread knives, cutting boards, charcuterie plates and platters, crocks, ramekins and spreaders. And a basket. Because that gorgeous loaf of bread you’re baking will look even more inviting in a Dresden & Company Bakery Basket, Small Tobacco Basket, Hometown Helper. The list can go on and on.

D&Co. introduced its line of quick breads this month. It’s been a resounding hit and everyone has their favorites among the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Quick Bread, the Caramel Monkey Quick Bread, the Cheesy Garlic Beer Bread and the Cranberry Orange Quick Bread.

Along with the bread, D&Co. has a wonderful assortment of bread “friends” for you. Many of them make wonderful gifts for your fellow bread lovers.

Did you know you can bake our bread in our American Potters’ Collection crocks? Divide the bread recipe in half and put it into two of our small crocks to bake. Then you’ve got a gift to give or two round loaves for yourself.

Everyone needs a bread knife, right? Our D&Co. team found a small family-owned business in a West Virginia hollow that makes beautiful walnut bread knives. It’s part of our mission of supporting American-made artisanship. Our bread knife is available only in August while supplies last.

Stick the knife’s point in the top of the loaf and slice away. Pair the knife with a package of bread for a nice present for a bread lover’s birthday.

Look into the D&Co. Kitchen cupboard for any number of jams and sauces to go with the bread. There’s even a new one: Balsamic Herb and Garlic Jam.

All this leads us to a bread board party. We have several options for the board. First, there’s the Artisan Cutting Board. Then we have our American Potters’ Collection Charcuterie Plate and Platter. Choose your surface for gathering your jams and sauces, cheeses and meats to go with the bread.

This month, hosts with a $150 or more party can choose a half-price bundle that includes the Artisan Cutting Board, the Wooden Bread Knife and the Medium Bakery Basket.

You could have a breakfast bread board with butters, jams and fresh baked breads. Fill our American Potters’ Collection Ramekins with whipped cream cheese or butter. Slice the bread and set out spreaders. Set jars of jam in the Beverage Carrier Basket or the Bakery Basket.

For lunch, how about a grilled cheese board? Stack slices of bread along with cheese and slices of apple for a little crunch. Line the potential sauces up in the Hometown Helper Basket or the Bakery Basket.

Dinner’s bread board could simply be bread, jams and butter to go with soup and a salad.

Whatever you choose, we’re quite sure you won’t get bored with the bread and bread’s best friends.