Ask a Dresden & Company Proprietor what excites them about their business and why they signed up and you’re bound to get a variety of answers. But there will be a common “love” thread through their responses. Love for the company mission, the artisanry of the products, the opportunity to be your own boss, and the lasting friendships made along the way.

Plus, who doesn’t love getting to party and help pick out gifts?

Dresden & Company is a lot like that storefront that catches your eye when you wander along the sidewalk of a town’s main street when you are on vacation. You just have to go inside! You weave among the displays, looking for handcrafted items made by local artisans. There are items you want for your home, items you want to give as gifts, items you want to call your friends about right away. And you wish you could be the owner seeing all that fun go out the door — matching product to the person.

Dresden & Company’s mission is simple. The young company believes in American craftsmanship and preserving Dresden’s basket-making heritage along with supporting artisans who create authentic, well-made items that have a modern sensibility for our everyday life. The goal is “Life Made Better” for the family-owned direct selling company’s employees, vendors, customers, proprietors and friends.

The boutique-style business comes with a digital storefront. Beyond that, each D&Co. Proprietor chooses how they’ll run their business with face-to-face selling opportunities, vendor events, parties in person or virtually, or personal shopping encounters.

In the words of D&Co. Team Leader Marilyn Imhoff-Edman, you can be an interior designer, a cooking show host, plan a spa day or share your patriotism.

Call it your fun “me” time, a side gig, a side hustle, a full-time job, a part-time job or the way you pay for the sports uniforms or ballet outfits your children and grandchildren need.

“People want to do what we do. They fall in love with the product,” Marilyn said.

You can work anywhere, anytime but October is a great time to become a part of the D&Co. team because along with that hint of fall in the air, there’s a good dose of the shopping bug. And your storefront is the one where you want to shop and have your friends shop as well.

Dresden & Company is just getting started and that means there are plenty of opportunities to grow your business along with helping D&Co. become the first name people think of for their home décor, gift baskets, spa day needs or their kitchen gifts.

Throughout October, D&Co. has a holiday bundle to offer new Proprietors along with three other bundles. The October bundle is priced at $39 plus shipping and tax. It gives you four items, literature and your digital storefront. The bundle has a value of $160 and the promise of an opportunity to run the kind of business you want to run.

“We offer what people want,” Marilyn says. Are you ready to get started?