When is a sack more than just a sack?  

That’s easy. When you’re using the sack to organize, as a planter, to hold your knitting, for a picnic — and you aren’t worried about the bottom falling out because it’s got staying power. It’s a Reusable Fiber Sack.

Earth Day is just around the corner. The Reusable Fiber Sacks from Dresden & Company this month help make Earth Day every day.

The sacks are made of a sustainable lightweight material infused with virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled polyester felts. The result is a washable paper fabric that almost feels leathery. It is hand-stitched and handmade to create containers that you can use in every room of your home, in your car or even in your camper for your next great vacation escape.

They come flat and can store flat. Shape them however you want. They become more flexible after they are washed.

The Reusable Fiber Sacks work well in groupings and when paired with our baskets and pottery. Because they come in three sizes, you can use different combinations for various outcomes. And they come in three colors —  white, stone and sand. So many choices!

Where to start?

Organize your desk with business cards, pens and pencils in a couple of Extra Small sacks in one section of a basket and store your multiple charging cords in the Small. Use the rest of the basket for your mail.

Group your makeup brushes and cosmetics on a bathroom shelf. Add a succulent or a small pot of herbs and display on a windowsill.

Keep a Reusable Fiber Sack by the door to hold your spare change or car keys. Or designate one for the No Phone Zone and have everyone put their phone in the sack before dinner.

Fill the Medium Sack with a few of your gardening tools and add it to the Main Street Moments Basket as you head out to work in your flower beds.

If camping or a picnic is on the agenda, then these sacks will come in handy. Did we mention it’s OK to get them wet? No worries if an afternoon shower pops up while you are picnicking. You could use the sacks to hold jars of mayo and mustard on your picnic table, dish towels and potholders for the RV, to keep maps and trail guides easily accessible, and for apples and oranges for the trail.

Back to that knitting. You can keep a skein of yarn in the Extra Small and take your knitting with you. The sack is sturdy enough to hold the skein and lightweight enough for easy toting.

If the sack gets dirty, it can be washed by hand in warm water using mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and dry flat. Once it is dry, reshape and reuse. Enjoy using the sacks again and again.

Check with your D&Co Proprietor to order yours today or to plan a party where you can get all three bags as a half-price bundle. Don’t have a Proprietor? Scroll down to the bottom of the main page of our website www.dresdenandcompany.com to our Proprietor Finder to locate a helpful Pro near you or a name you might recognize. 

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