Who wants to hit the road, bask in the sunlight and explore the outside? The team at Dresden & Company thought we all might be ready to go this April and created a wonderful companion basket for our journeys — whether they take us to the lake, the park, around the block or on a hike in search of spring’s wildflowers.

It’s aptly named the Traveler and is designed to be your go basket. But it’s also extremely useful around the house in between outings.

The innovative basket has a wide bottom and a slender top. Three leather bands give it the flexibility to fit your needs. You can use two of the leather bands to attach the basket to a bicycle, a stroller or even a walker. The longer leather handle can be used to carry the basket in your hand, to hold it in place over your car’s headrest, or hang it from a hook in your craft room or by your front door.

Even more fun, the Traveler comes in five color options. In addition to our Everyday stains of Sandstone and Ash Gray, the Traveler is available in April only in Orange, Green and Blue Ombre Stripes for a little more adventure.

Now that you’re thinking about traveling, what do you pack in your Traveler? There are so many options depending on where you are going and what’s on the agenda.
Take it on a hike, for example. You can put your collapsible hiking poles in here along with a package of wet wipes, some sunscreen, your hat and binoculars and a few snacks. Off you go.

Maybe you’ve enrolled in a yoga class in the park. Roll up your mat, pack a towel and a hat, and off you go. Bonus points if you bike to the park with your Traveler attached to the handlebars.

Toddler Tuesday at the playground means filling the Traveler with snacks, juice, toys, a change of clothes and heading out for a playdate. Just attach the Traveler and off you go.

Back-to-back-to-back ball games are no match for the Traveler. Fill the basket with snacks, a book, sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, your water bottle and off you go.

Hit the road for a trip to your favorite beach, park, mountain, wildflower trail or friend’s house. Load up the Traveler with guides, maps, snacks, a bathing suit and beach towel. And off you go.

For all the “off you go” moments this basket will inspire, it’s just useful around the house when you are in between jaunts.

Make it your Gift Wrap Center. Stick your rolls of wrapping paper in here along with gift bags, shred and tissue. Stash your tape, tags and scissors in the Canvas Zipper Tote so your tools are always at hand.

Store your collapsible umbrellas or your scarves, hats and gloves in the Traveler next to the door as a Weather Center to keep those handy for your next outing. In the meantime, you can put a couple of faux flowers in the basket to allow it to do double duty as wall art.

Whether you are on the go or at home, the Traveler is ready to work.