We love to party at Dresden & Company. Even better, we love for you to host D&Co. parties with family and friends to enjoy half-price and free shopping benefits.

There are 214 reasons for you to host with us. That’s how many items we have in our boutique, direct sales line that focuses on handcrafted items, American-made products for your life and home. The number is always growing. Plus, there are exclusive offers and items that ONLY hosts can get.

When you invite your friends and family to join you for a party, your host rewards grow as the party total goes up. The bigger the party, the more half-price choices we have for you.

Hosts can choose one half-price item with a party totaling $150 to $349.99. The benefits increase from there. That’s where the 214 reasons come in. With a half-price item, the host can order any one product at half price. Such as handcrafted baskets, leather bags, pottery, foods, braided bins, personalized wall art and so much more.

For March, Dresden & Company has four bundles that are only for hosts. April has five bundles just for hosts. And May will be amazing. There’s so much, you are going to want to party, party, party.

How do you host? It’s easy. Talk to your Dresden & Company Proprietor and set up your party. Then invite your friends, family and fellow shoppers. You can search for a Proprietor on our website, if you don’t have one.

The word “party” hasn’t been on the tip of our tongues for the past year because of the pandemic. Still, we’ve partied on virtually, online and in small socially distanced settings with people in a bubble. We’ve held one-person parties.

Virtual parties, or VPs, are especially popular now. “I’m anxious to party in person with my friends once again but for now VPs are so easy when there is no preparation other than inviting your friends to the VP,” says Team Leader Judy Wise of Indiana. “Your pro does all the work for you!”

No matter how you party, it’s rewarding to party with Dresden & Company. We hope you’ll join us to host very soon.