Sharon Wood - Dresden & Company

Sharon Wood

Senior Photographer

Sharon was born and raised in Toboso, Ohio, near historic Black Hand Gorge. She and her high school sweetheart Duane have been married for 38 years. They live in a log home just about 3 miles from their birth places. They are the proud parents of 3 adult children and have 7 grandchildren.

After staying home to raise her children Sharon began working as a photo stylist. It was during her years working in the photo studio that she began to develop a passion for photography. Having never taken a photography class, Sharon has turned a part time passion into a successful full-time career. Sharon’s work has been recognized regionally and nationally, with special acclaim for her use of surroundings and natural light. In addition to her work with Dresden & Company, Sharon owns and operates a successful photography business capturing special moments for clients, such as graduations and weddings.

In addition to photography, Sharon enjoys art, gardening, sewing, decorating, cooking, walking and yoga, but her favorite pastime is spending time with her children and grandchildren. She believes that her investment into their lives is the single most important thing she can do. “There’s no better feeling than having my entire family around the table,sharing a meal and telling stories”, she often says. Sharon accredits her vibrant energy and positive attitude to the many meaningful and lasting relationships she has built.

Sharon and her husband attend More Life Church in Newark, Ohio.