Chris Dodson - Dresden & Company

Chris Dodson

Manager of Creative Services

Chris is a life-long resident of Muskingum County. She has spent 30 years in direct sales in a variety of roles including sales & marketing, retail, web site administration, sales field literature and project management.

Chris and her husband Jeff, enjoy spending time with their son Ryan (Ashley) and grandsons, Cale and Broddic, attending extra-curricular and school activities, working with their horses and exploring nature and the outdoors. In addition, Chris is an avid reader, loves flower gardening and camping.

Chris is a strong supporter of Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office and volunteers for many MCSO community activities. She has strong faith and trust in God, enjoys helping others and believes that kindness, respect for others and a positive attitude should show in everything you do.

Chris is passionate about organ donation, having made the decision to donate their 7-year old son Kyle’s organs after a tragic sled riding accident.

Family is the center of Chris’ life and she embraces having a large extended family, spending time with them, vacationing, and celebrating the milestones of her many family members.